Trump’s personal intelligence

Личная разведка Трампа

Trump’s per­son­al intel­li­gence basics began to be cre­ated in the 90s. It was then that the United States cre­ated the Inter­de­part­ment­al Com­mis­sion of the US Intel­li­gence Com­munity to invest­ig­ate cor­rup­tion in gov­ern­ment. By the begin­ning of the 21st cen­tury, a lot of mater­i­al about the invest­ig­a­tion of cor­rup­tion of seni­or US offi­cials in the nuc­le­ar and oth­er spheres was col­lec­ted in the third tower, 247 meters high, which col­lapsed on Septem­ber 11, 2001, although the plane did not hit it.

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Doctrine of General Gerasimov and Hybrid War

Генерал Армии Валерий Герасимов

This mater­i­al is an attempt to sys­tem­at­ize some approaches to the term “Hybrid War”, which is already quite pop­u­lar today, tak­ing into account the con­cep­tu­al present­a­tion by Army Gen­er­al Valery Ger­asimov, Chief of the Gen­er­al Staff of the Armed Forces of Rus­sia, at a gen­er­al meet­ing of the Academy of Mil­it­ary Sci­ences on March 1, 2019

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The United States may disintegrate soon: the expert named the date when the fate of America will be decided

«Рука Кремля»

Fed­er­al News Agency The author: Anna Kli­men­ko Pro­fess­or, Doc­tor of Polit­ic­al Sci­ences, mem­ber of the Academy of Mil­it­ary Sci­ences, head of the Inform­a­tion Spe­cial Forces Igor Panar­in gave an inter­view to the Fed­er­al News Agency. The back­bone of the struc­ture of a spe­cial inform­a­tion assign­ment he man­ages is sci­ent­ists. At the same time, the name…

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Today, everything is decided not only by rockets and guns, but also by information operations”

Игорь Панарин. © / Кадр телеканала Спас

Skripalov’s pois­on­ing is the first time in his­tory when a fake inform­a­tion mes­sage is used as a weapon in a hybrid war against Rus­sia, says Pro­fess­or, Doc­tor of Polit­ic­al Sci­ences, head of the InfoS­pet­snaz asso­ci­ation Igor Panar­in. The inform­a­tion cam­paign unleashed around the pois­on­ing of ex-Col­on­el GRU Skri­p­al is a stra­tegic…

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The first case in history: a political scientist called the history of Skripale weapon of hybrid war

Anna Klimenko Federal News Agency

Rus­si­an Pres­id­ent Vladi­mir Putin, speak­ing at the Rus­si­an Energy Week for­um, said that the former GRU offi­cial, Sergey Skri­p­al, poisoned in Salis­bury, is a trait­or to the moth­er­land. Pro­fess­or, Doc­tor of Polit­ic­al Sci­ences Igor Panar­in, speak­ing at the present­a­tion of the Asso­ci­ation “Inform­a­tion Spe­cial Forces” cre­ated by him, com­men­ted on…

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The political scientist called Medusa “an instrument of NATO

Polit­ic­al ana­lyst Igor Panar­in spoke at the media for­um in Minsk these days. Recently he registered the “Inform­a­tion Spe­cial Forces” asso­ci­ation. And at the for­um he made a present­a­tion “Tech­no­lo­gies of hybrid war and social media”. As the “Open Media” reports in his present­a­tion, Panar­in presen­ted a slide in which the pub­lic­a­tion…

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