International Ideology of the World (special report for Doha Forum 2019 participants)

Report by Pro­fess­or Igor Panar­in, pre­pared for the inter­na­tion­al for­um Doha 2019. The largest inter­na­tion­al for­um Doha 2019 was held in Doha, the cap­it­al of Qatar, on Decem­ber 14 and 15, 2019. There were rep­res­ent­at­ives of 104 coun­tries. Some 1300 par­ti­cipants from 142 nation­al­it­ies par­ti­cip­ated.

Dear For­um par­ti­cipants!

I am glad to have the oppor­tun­ity to speak at such a rep­res­ent­at­ive inter­na­tion­al For­um and express my point of view.

The mod­ern world is under­go­ing a peri­od of pro­found change, the essence of which is the form­a­tion of a poly­centric inter­na­tion­al sys­tem. The struc­ture of inter­na­tion­al rela­tions con­tin­ues to be com­plic­ated. As a res­ult of the glob­al­iz­a­tion pro­cess, new cen­ters of eco­nom­ic and polit­ic­al influ­ence are emer­ging. There is a dis­pers­al of the world poten­tial of power and devel­op­ment, its dis­place­ment into the Asia-Pacific region. The abil­ity of the his­tor­ic­al West to dom­in­ate the glob­al eco­nomy and polit­ics is declin­ing. The man­i­fold diversity of cul­tures and civil­iz­a­tions in the world, the mul­ti­pli­city of devel­op­ment mod­els of states are clearly mani­fes­ted.

Доха-Форум 2019: профессор Игорь Панарин и сотрудница МИД Катара
Doha For­um 2019: Pro­fess­or Igor Panar­in and work­er of For­eign Min­is­ter of Qatar

The world today faces grow­ing chal­lenges that can­not be resolved by any coun­try on its own. It is neces­sary to rethink the role of glob­al man­age­ment sys­tems, their rel­ev­ance to cur­rent cir­cum­stances and cre­ate new glob­al man­age­ment sys­tems that can ensure peace, sta­bil­ity and secur­ity on the basis of a num­ber of basic prin­ciples, primar­ily, such as dia­logue of civil­iz­a­tions and friend­ship of peoples.

Here is a per­son who has sev­er­al high­er edu­ca­tions (tech­nic­al, polit­ic­al, mil­it­ary, psy­cho­lo­gic­al) and was engaged in vari­ous fields of activ­ity at dif­fer­ent levels (nation­al secur­ity, polit­ic­al sphere, journ­al­ism, teach­ing, ana­lyt­ics, crisis man­age­ment, etc.). I am a sci­ent­ist, teach­er, journ­al­ist, writer, psy­cho­lo­gist, and polit­ic­al ana­lyst.

It seems to me that the essence of the mod­ern stage in the devel­op­ment of man­kind lies in the trans­ition from the Brit­ish pro­ject of glob­al gov­ernance to Rus­si­an. At the SCO sum­mit on June 14, 2019, the need was expressed for the trans­form­a­tion of the world: from mono­polar to poly­centric.

Who rules the mono­polar world? From my point of view — Lon­don or the Vene­tians in Eng­land. The main Lon­don instru­ments are the “deep state” in the United States, Nefte­dol­lar and the Fed. In addi­tion, for Lon­don, wars are also a tool for main­tain­ing world dom­in­a­tion.

The ” Deep State” in the US is Trump’s main enemy. The agent of the “deep state” is Adam Schiff, closely asso­ci­ated with Lon­don. Adam Schiff is the organ­izer of the US coup attempt in the form of an impeach­ment attempt. His great-grand­fath­er on the com­mand of Lon­don cre­ated a deep state in the United States and hated Rus­sia. And my sym­path­ies are on the side of Trump, who announced on Septem­ber 24, 2019, speak­ing at a ses­sion of the UN Gen­er­al Assembly, that the future belongs to pat­ri­ots, not glob­al­ists. From my point of view, both Putin and Trump and Xi Jing­ping are nation­al lead­ers and pat­ri­ots.

Doha Forum 2019: Advisor to the President of the United States Ivanka Trump
Doha For­um 2019: Advisor to the Pres­id­ent of the United States Ivanka Trump

That is, we all need to cre­ate a sys­tem of equal glob­al gov­ernance and a new world order based on the mutu­al respect of states, on a dia­logue of civil­iz­a­tions, on a world without wars and armed con­flicts, on respect for human rights and the rule of inter­na­tion­al law.

For this, it is neces­sary to take into account the his­tor­ic­al exper­i­ence of the struggle of two glob­al glob­al pro­jects over the past 120 years: Brit­ish and Rus­si­an. These were two fun­da­ment­ally dif­fer­ent glob­al pro­jects. The Rus­si­an pro­ject, ini­ti­ated by the Rus­si­an Tsar Nich­olas 2, was a peace pro­ject, and the Brit­ish — war.

The mod­ern world crisis has many reas­ons, but do not for­get that one of the import­ant reas­ons for its devel­op­ment was the First World War, which was organ­ized by the Brit­ish, using a series of pro­voca­tions. The Brit­ish Empire imposed the First World War on the world in order to des­troy its main geo­pol­it­ic­al rivals — the Rus­si­an and Ger­man empires. Then the Brit­ish brought Hitler to power in Ger­many and organ­ized World War II in order to des­troy the Sta­lin­ist USSR.

The cur­rent inter­na­tion­al sys­tem was cre­ated after the col­lapse of the USSR in 1991 and was reg­u­lated by Lon­don through the United States. With the rise of China, the rel­at­ive decline of the United States and the grow­ing rivalry and con­front­a­tion between them, as well as the power­ful geo­pol­it­ic­al strength­en­ing of Rus­sia, after the Rus­si­an army defeated inter­na­tion­al ter­ror­ists in Syr­ia, the inter­na­tion­al bal­ance of forces became unstable. In addi­tion, amid the weak­en­ing of the European Uni­on and NATO, the SCO and the Euras­i­an Uni­on are strength­en­ing. There is a strength­en­ing of eco­nom­ic zones and the growth of polit­ic­al forces out­side the West — for example, China, India, Tur­key, Brazil, South Africa, etc.

The inter­na­tion­al sys­tem, based today on Brit­ish rules, seems to be in a state of ten­sion, with dif­fer­ent states pur­su­ing dif­fer­ent and often con­flict­ing goals regard­ing how the sys­tem should evolve.

Doha Forum 2019: Professor Igor Panarin and Armenian President Armen Sargsyan
Doha For­um 2019: Pro­fess­or Igor Panar­in and Armeni­an Pres­id­ent Armen Sargsy­an

Giv­en the obvi­ous risks and costs asso­ci­ated with the wide­spread use of mil­it­ary force, inter­na­tion­al rivalry has been char­ac­ter­ized by increas­ingly soph­ist­ic­ated, large-scale and com­plex cam­paigns of non-mil­it­ary tools in the form of a hybrid war. The hybrid war, which is mainly waged by the West against Rus­sia, today involves the use of many tools, includ­ing, but not lim­ited to, eco­nom­ic sanc­tions, inform­a­tion manip­u­la­tion, cov­ert oper­a­tions and pro­voca­tions. It should be noted that the expan­sion of hybrid war­fare oper­a­tions aimed at weak­en­ing Rus­sia and China may under­mine the key norms and rules that were for­mu­lated at the meet­ing of the lead­ers of the three super­powers in Yalta in 1945. Glob­al sta­bil­ity and secur­ity can be provided today by Yalta 2020, based on the prin­ciples of the First Peace Con­fer­ence, con­vened at the ini­ti­at­ive of the Rus­si­an Emper­or Nich­olas II 120 years ago in The Hag­ue. Of course, she did not solve all sore issues, but became one of the most strik­ing events of the XIX cen­tury. The doc­u­ments developed and adop­ted at it, the so-called Hag­ue Con­ven­tions of 1899, laid the found­a­tion for mod­ern inter­na­tion­al law. Hav­ing laid the found­a­tion for an inter­na­tion­al dia­logue in the field of dis­arm­a­ment, the con­fer­ence has taken a hitherto unpre­ced­en­ted step towards the prac­tice of resolv­ing con­flicts between states peace­fully.

I tell you today, dear For­um par­ti­cipants, that, des­pite the dif­fi­culties and dis­ap­point­ments, I have a dream.

I have a dream that the day will come when the whole world will adhere to the motto: “Peace be peace!”.

I have a dream that the day will come when rep­res­ent­at­ives of dif­fer­ent civil­iz­a­tions will be able to sit togeth­er at the table of dia­logue and broth­er­hood.

I have a dream that the day will come when even the United States, a state exhausted by the Brit­ish yoke, from unne­ces­sary extern­al expan­sion and aggres­sion, will be turned into an oas­is of justice.

I have a dream that the day will come when all the chil­dren of the world will live with dig­nity.

Doha Forum 2019: Professor Igor Panarin and UN Deputy Secretary General Vladimir Voronkov
Doha For­um 2019: Pro­fess­or Igor Panar­in and UN Deputy Sec­ret­ary Gen­er­al Vladi­mir Voronkov

I have a geo­pol­it­ic­al dream. Today I will tell you about my geo­pol­it­ic­al dream — a meet­ing of the lead­ers of the three super­powers in Bel­grade in 2020. Moscow, Wash­ing­ton and Beijing should take up the estab­lish­ment of a new world order, a more equit­able world order, and Bel­grade could become the best place for the lead­ers of world super­powers to meet. Why, you ask? Now I will make some explan­a­tions. After the present­a­tion of my book “Hybrid War — The­ory and Prac­tice” in Ser­bi­an in Bel­grade on Octo­ber 24, 2019, I came up with the idea of the need to con­vene an inter­na­tion­al glob­al con­fer­ence fol­low­ing the example of the his­tor­ic meet­ing in Yalta in 1945 (the mod­ern “Yalta 2020”), where lead­ing forces to estab­lish a new world order pre­cisely in Bel­grade. There is no bet­ter place in the world than Bel­grade to talk about end­ing con­flicts. The United States needs to apo­lo­gize to Ser­bia for the 1999 aggres­sion, and China for the then bombed embassy. In addi­tion, it is sym­bol­ic that in Bel­grade there is a monu­ment to the Rus­si­an Tsar Nich­olas II, the Tsar, who was the first in the world to speak for a world order without wars and armed con­flicts. It was on the ini­ti­at­ive of the Rus­si­an Tsar that the Hag­ue Con­fer­ence, which adop­ted the Con­ven­tion “On the peace­ful res­ol­u­tion of inter­na­tion­al clashes”, was held in 1899, that is, 120 years ago. By the way, the Hag­ue Con­fer­ence, at the sug­ges­tion of the Dutch Queen, began its work on the birth­day of the Rus­si­an Tsar. But the Brit­ish, the main organ­izers of all the wars of recent cen­tur­ies, stood in the way of peace. Ser­bia is Russia’s only stra­tegic ally in Europe. These are two Ortho­dox and fraternal coun­tries. And only a strong uni­on of Putin and Trump is able to provide a solu­tion to the Kosovo prob­lem, cre­ated to a great­er extent by Great Bri­tain. For more than a cen­tury Lon­don has been the focus of the struggle against the interests of Rus­sia and Ser­bia, I think. The crisis in Kosovo is caused by many prob­lems. One of them is the First World War, which the Brit­ish unleashed.

It should also be noted that the struggle to man­age the inform­a­tion flows of Good and Evil is a key issue for peace. It is neces­sary to cre­ate intel­li­gent factor­ies for the form­a­tion and dis­sem­in­a­tion of pos­it­ive inform­a­tion in the world. Need the ideo­logy of the world. I pro­pose to take sev­en basic words as the basis of the Inter­na­tion­al Ideo­logy of the World — sev­en D: Dia­logue, Dip­lomacy, Dig­nity, Friend­ship, Spir­itu­al­ity, Good, Prosper­ity,

The val­ues of peace must be pro­moted. We need an Inter­na­tion­al Expert Coun­cil (MES), which I pro­pose to make per­man­ent at the For­um. The Forum’s MES could include state and inter­na­tion­al fig­ures, lead­ers of lead­ing state and non-state expert and ana­lyt­ic­al struc­tures of the world,   lead­ing sci­ent­ists and ana­lysts of the world. The most import­ant task of the MES should be the pre­par­a­tion of the annu­al pub­lic ana­lyt­ic­al reports on the top­ic: “Glob­al geo­pol­it­ic­al and geo-eco­nom­ic trends in the world”, and “Pro­spects for the form­a­tion of a poly­centric world”.

MES will help turn our For­um into the inform­a­tion cap­it­al of peace and sta­bil­ity. The vic­tory of Good over the Evil of Lon­don is a key issue for peace.