Trump vs. the Fed

Hello, dear friends!

I am Pro­fess­or Panar­in Igor Nikolaevich, Doc­tor of Polit­ic­al Sci­ences.
Today we will look at the themes of the US fed­er­al reserve.
The theme of our video: Trump vs. the Fed.

I remind you that the US Fed­er­al Reserve was cre­ated in 1913 by a group of private indi­vidu­als from Lon­don and is still owned by these Lon­don private indi­vidu­als.

Also, once again I will say that there is a hypo­thes­is that 88 per­cent of the shares of the US Fed­er­al Reserve belonged to Nich­olas II, the Rus­si­an emper­or. Just the depriva­tion of the right of the Rus­si­an emper­or to
the Fed’s man­age­ment was one of the goals and goals of the Feb­ru­ary 1917 Mason­ic coup d’etat.

But this is a hypo­thes­is; There are facts for there are facts and not con­firm­ing this hypo­thes­is.

What is hap­pen­ing today with the US Fed­er­al Reserve Sys­tem, I emphas­ize, a private struc­ture? Well, I would like to remind you that John F. Kennedy, the US pres­id­ent was killed in Dal­las in Novem­ber 1963 just because of my
point of view that he prin­ted red dol­lars. We all see green dol­lars. The green dol­lars are the US Fed­er­al Reserve dol­lars, which the Lon­don-based bankers have imposed on the US state. Kennedy wanted to lib­er­ate the United States, but was shot dead, and the next day the red dol­lars were des­troyed.

And now Trump has been fight­ing the US Fed­er­al Reserve since com­ing to power in the USA and now this fight has entered the pub­lic sphere. He remem­bers Kennedys exper­i­ence and tries to act more flex­ibly and yet in Decem­ber 2018 the fight between them went into the pub­lic sphere.
What is the mat­ter? In that Trump, thanks to his ener­get­ic line on ful­filling his elec­tion com­mit­ments, achieved US eco­nom­ic growth of 3 per­cent. But the US Fed­er­al Reserve, des­pite repeated calls from Trump him­self, from the end of Novem­ber to the end of Decem­ber, raised the interest rate four, four, think about it. This hinders eco­nom­ic growth, in prin­ciple, hinders the imple­ment­a­tion of those pro­grams, goals and object­ives that are imple­men­ted by US Pres­id­ent Don­ald Trump. And after the second increase, Don­ald Trump pub­licly declared the Fed the main enemy of Amer­ica. Not LIH, not Rus­sia, not Kit, but namely the Fed. That’s right: “The Fed­er­al Reserve is the main enemy of the United States”; and urged not to raise fur­ther the interest rate, which was ignored. And on Decem­ber 20, for the fourth time, I emphas­ize, in a month that the king­dom was made unpre­ced­en­tedly anti-Tramp and anti-eco­nom­ic decision against the rise of US indus­tri­al pro­duc­tion.

After that, Trump told the press that he was going to dis­miss the dir­ect­or of the US Fed­er­al Reserve Sys­tem, which, at the begin­ning of Janu­ary 2019, said that I will not resign myself and will con­tin­ue the same line. The most curi­ous thing is that Jerome Pow­ell is the head of the US Fed­er­al Reserve, who was recently appoin­ted by Trump more than a year ago, and seemed to be listen­ing to Trumps voice. But, nev­er­the­less, this did not hap­pen.

What does this mean? The fact that the clash of two groups: the nation­ally ori­ented indus­tri­al cap­it­al of the United States, which is rep­res­en­ted by Don­ald Trump, and the fin­an­cial glob­al­ists, who are con­trolled from Lon­don, the third Carthage, approached such a tough con­front­a­tion point, behind which only two scen­ari­os are pos­sible: either Don­ald Trump will put Hil­lary Clin­ton and all these lib­er­al glob­al­ists, fin­an­cial, first of all, behind bars, and he has the basis for this, or they will organ­ize the impeach­ment of Don­ald Trump and, in fact, sup­press the upris­ing of the indus­tri­al­ists of the nation­al­ist flax-based cap­it­al.

What are the chances of win­ning Don­ald Trump? I would rate them as 60 to 40. Why? We recently had a video about Trump’s alli­ance with the Bush clan. For a long time, hes­it­a­tion was 50 to 50, and here Trumps decisions related to the vic­tory of Cavanaugh, the Supreme Court claimant and Trumps clear sup­port­er, now have an advant­age in the US Supreme Court on Trumps side and an alli­ance with the Bush clan. con­di­tions for Trump to win in this fiercest bout of fin­an­cial glob­al­ists. The con­trol cen­ter is loc­ated in Lon­don. And Lon­don itself is in front of the abyss and on March 19 there will be a sep­ar­ate point, and maybe already the final point, of the Lon­don fin­an­cial crisis.

So my sym­pathy is def­in­itely on the side of Trump. I would like to wish him suc­cess, because this suc­cess will cre­ate more pos­it­ive con­di­tions for the eco­nom­ic prosper­ity of our coun­try — Rus­sia.

Thanks for atten­tion!