The United States may disintegrate soon: the expert named the date when the fate of America will be decided

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The author: Anna Kli­men­ko

Pro­fess­or, Doc­tor of Polit­ic­al Sci­ences, mem­ber of the Academy of Mil­it­ary Sci­ences, head of the Inform­a­tion Spe­cial Forces Igor Panar­in gave an inter­view to the Fed­er­al News Agency. The back­bone of the struc­ture of a spe­cial inform­a­tion assign­ment he man­ages is sci­ent­ists. At the same time, the name and logo on which the bat of the UN GRU emblem is sur­roun­ded by olive branches of the United Nations, refer to mil­it­ary-polit­ic­al ter­min­o­logy.

A polit­ic­al ana­lyst told FAN about the spe­cif­ics of inform­a­tion weapons and offens­ive oper­a­tions, about allies and oppon­ents on the fronts of the hybrid war, which, he said, is in full swing. The expert shared his plans for con­duct­ing a hybrid war for school­chil­dren, spoke about a pos­sible civil war in the United States and about the pro­spects for Euras­i­an integ­ra­tion.

Игорь Панарин
Igor Panar­in photo from per­son­al archive /

 Identify fakie we never teach”

The “ Inform­a­tion Spe­cial Forces” will be engaged in sci­entif­ic and pub­lic work, pre­par­ing pub­lic reports and con­fer­ences on hybrid war tech­no­lo­gies, com­bin­ing tra­di­tion­al meth­ods of war­fare with inform­a­tion pro­pa­ganda tech­no­lo­gies and psy­cho­lo­gic­al influ­ence in the media and social net­works. Anoth­er dir­ec­tion of the asso­ci­ation, accord­ing to its founder, will be train­ing pro­grams.

 We have plans to organ­ize courses, con­di­tion­ally,“ advanced train­ing ”in this field. Three levels are import­ant: high schools, uni­ver­sit­ies, and employ­ees of state insti­tu­tions or struc­tures that deal with inform­a­tion and inter­na­tion­al rela­tions in the busi­ness sec­tor. These are not only press work­ers, but also depart­ments of inter­na­tion­al cooper­a­tion, com­mu­nic­a­tions with gov­ern­ment agen­cies, ”said Igor Panar­in.

Learn­ing tech­no­lo­gies of hybrid war, in the opin­ion of the sci­ent­ist, can be in some sense com­pared to com­puter lit­er­acy courses, but instead of prim­it­ive vir­uses and mal­func­tions, stu­dents will have to mas­ter meth­ods of detect­ing and neut­ral­iz­ing com­plex, often hid­den, inform­a­tion attacks, “stuff­ing” false facts and multi-level inform­a­tion cam­paigns.

 A vir­us in a com­puter is easi­er to detect than fakes. The lat­ter is not taught any­where, there is no school. We want to actu­ally do uni­ver­sal edu­ca­tion in a good sense of the word. We want to show that there are rules in this area, there is an attack­ing side, what it wants, what mod­els and meth­ods of pro­tec­tion exist. When I gave a report in Minsk, the head of a very ser­i­ous Belarus­i­an struc­ture approached me and told me: “After your speech, I began to look at things dif­fer­ently, I didn’t even pay atten­tion to some moments”. Although the per­son was of a mature age, ”shared the expert.

The lack of edu­ca­tion in this mat­ter, accord­ing to Panar­in, is asso­ci­ated with the rel­at­ive youth of the very phe­nomen­on of hybrid war­fare. The appear­ance of the term he refers to 2005, when it was first used by the cur­rent US Sec­ret­ary of Defense James Mat­tis, who then com­manded the Amer­ic­an Mar­ine Corps Divi­sion in Iraq.

 The focus of this concept is lit­er­ally the last two or three years for which it entered into act­ive use. Here we need a sys­tem of multi-level work, which is not yet, because the phe­nomen­on appeared rel­at­ively recently.We need research papers, pub­lic reports, research labor­at­or­ies in this area, which should pro­duce recom­mend­a­tions, ”the FAN offi­cial said.

Семейство Скрипалей
Skri­p­ale Fam­ily Glob­al Look Press / / Glob­al Look Press

The world is brought to collapse

One of the most out­spoken fake cam­paigns, Igor Panar­in, calls the play with the pois­on­ing of Skri­p­ale and the second action that fol­lowed it, allegedly with the par­ti­cip­a­tion of Alex­an­der Pet­rov and Ruslan Boshirov.

“The oper­a­tion with Scri­phem is, in fact, mul­ti­level, but at the same time vir­tu­al. Let us recall the story of Litv­inen­ko: at least they showed us how he was dying in the hos­pit­al. Now they simply told us that there was such a fact, but, most likely, it was simply inven­ted, ”the polit­ic­al sci­ent­ist notes.

Igor Panar­in, fol­low­ing a mul­ti­tude of experts, noted the obvi­ous fab­ric­a­tion of the accus­a­tions of Rus­sia in the pois­on­ing of Sergei Skri­p­al and drew atten­tion to the need for a quick response to such injec­tions.

 The danger is that tomor­row we can be told: they say, some per­son or state com­mit­ted some kind of action and they need to be pun­ished for it — and this will be the reas­on for real, pos­sibly mil­it­ary, actions. But then we bring the whole world to a poten­tial col­lapse, because there are sens­ible lead­ers, and there are those who can act inad­equately. This line can quickly erase, and then the whole world will become a vic­tim of a glob­al cata­strophe, ”Panar­in said.

Accord­ing to the pro­fess­or, the his­tory of the sup­posedly poisoned Skri­p­ale should primar­ily be used to ana­lyze and devel­op rap­id response schemes for such pro­voca­tions at all levels.

 This is a whole sci­ence — ana­lys­is of such situ­ations and quick response to them. It is neces­sary to cre­ate algorithms, teach, pub­licly dis­cuss, cre­ate an expert pool, hold con­fer­ences, round tables, make recom­mend­a­tions in order to cre­ate a defense sys­tem against hybrid war­fare weapons. Because, I am sure, in the near future, its heat will only increase, ”said the FAN source.

ВКС РФ в Сирии
Mil­it­ary Uni­on of the Rus­si­an Fed­er­a­tion in Syr­ia ser­vice of the Pres­id­ent of the Rus­si­an Fed­er­a­tion

 We are all the time on the truth, not on the lie”

Speak­ing about the suc­cess of Rus­sia, Igor Panar­in noted the obvi­ous pro­gress of the Armed Forces of the Rus­si­an Fed­er­a­tion in the use of tra­di­tion­al meth­ods of war­fare in con­duct­ing oper­a­tions in Syr­ia.

 In a mil­it­ary sense, simply fant­ast­ic res­ults: in oper­a­tion in Geor­gia in 2008, 5 of our bomber planes were shot down in 5 days, and in Syr­ia the same amount was shot down in three years, includ­ing pro­voca­tions, that is, min­im­al losses. The reas­on is the fili­gree work of the Main Intel­li­gence Dir­ect­or­ate. Why is the main attack on the GRU in the Scri­pals case? Because the GRU played a key role in Syr­ia, ”the polit­ic­al ana­lyst noted.

An expert from the Academy of Mil­it­ary Sci­ences explains this, includ­ing work with the GLONASS sys­tem, when the use of mod­ern nav­ig­a­tion sys­tems made it pos­sible to con­duct bomb­ing from a safe height for air­planes, while main­tain­ing accur­acy in hit­ting tar­gets and avoid­ing civil­ian cas­u­al­ties.

 We have demon­strated the res­ult, in my opin­ion, bet­ter than the Amer­ic­ans in all loc­al wars of the last dec­ade,” the FAN offi­cial said.

At the same time, the expert recog­nizes the need to devel­op a sys­tem for the use of inform­a­tion weapons and defense equip­ment in the event of such attacks, which are now act­ively used in the West.

 This inform­a­tion has been passed before, and recently they even admit­ted that the 77th bri­gade (Brit­ish Army cyber divi­sion for mon­it­or­ing media and social net­works and psy­cho­lo­gic­al meth­ods of war­fare on the Inter­net. — FAN note ), 2,000 troops, just think! “These are the ones that work only with Rus­si­an social net­works,” the expert said.

Panar­in spoke in favor of tar­geted block­ing of indi­vidu­al Inter­net resources and users in social net­works in order to pro­tect against poten­tial inform­a­tion attacks. How­ever, massive restric­tions should, in his opin­ion, be avoided.

 We can’t, as in China, turn off entrances from Bri­tain to Rus­si­an social net­works. The Chinese have taken the path of com­pletely lim­it­ing glob­al Inter­net resources, they have only their own social net­works, but they have been doing this since 2003, that is, this is already a built-in sys­tem. Under this sys­tem — if we want to chop off everything — there must be our own, Rus­si­an net­works. We have “VKon­takte”, of course, but this is not enough, ”the polit­ic­al sci­ent­ist noted.

The head of Infos­pet­snaz sug­gests, in response to the aggress­ive agenda of the West­ern media, to more act­ively form its own, to cov­er pos­it­ive inform­a­tion cam­paigns at the inter­na­tion­al level and to “hit the pain­ful points” of oppon­ents, using, among oth­er things, his­tor­ic­al facts.

 Did the Eng­lish kill the Irish?” After all, most of all in the United States by the num­ber of des­cend­ants of Ger­man col­on­ists, and the second place is the Irish. Why? Because they were des­troyed by the Brit­ish, they were starved to death — and they left for Amer­ica. This is not a fake, this is a his­tor­ic­al fact, why do not we remem­ber about it? There are many such facts from the his­tory of Bri­tain, the pro­fess­or notes. - We can not invent fakes, it is con­trary to our men­tal­ity. But, from my point of view, there must be an offens­ive line — it needs to be planned and car­ried out not sporad­ic­ally, but sys­tem­at­ic­ally. ”

Дональд Трамп в ООН
Don­ald Trump at UN twitter/

 My forecast for the elections in the United States: 65 to 35″

Panar­in spoke sep­ar­ately about the eth­nic com­pos­i­tion of the pop­u­la­tion of the United States of Amer­ica: a pro­fess­or races inter­ra­cial con­tra­dic­tions as one of the reas­ons for the pos­sible col­lapse of the United States. A polit­ic­al ana­lyst has repeatedly, since 1998, ana­lyzed the pro­spects for America’s pos­sible col­lapse due to its impress­ive extern­al debt and intern­al con­tra­dic­tions.

“The prob­ab­il­ity of the col­lapse of the United States remains. The first trend is guessed cor­rectly — I then poin­ted out the fin­an­cial and eco­nom­ic aspect. When I spoke about this 20 years ago, the for­eign debt was 2 tril­lion, and today it is more than 20, that is, over these 20 years, for­eign debt has increased more than 10 times. And it is clear that the dynam­ics are neg­at­ive, all attempts to solve this prob­lem were not crowned with suc­cess. There­fore, the fore­cast is cor­rect, — explains Igor Panar­in. - The second trend: I wrote about the inner ideo­lo­gic­al split — and it is present, it has already become an axiom. Today, the con­tra­dic­tions in Amer­ic­an soci­ety are intensi­fy­ing: racial, eco­nom­ic, and spir­itu­al. ”

Among the reas­ons that could pro­voke a civil war and the col­lapse of the United States, Igor Panar­in notes the act­ive oppos­i­tion of the white and Afric­an-Amer­ic­an pop­u­la­tion with­in Amer­ic­an soci­ety, as well as the con­flict of vari­ous polit­ic­al and eco­nom­ic views.

 There is a simple situ­ation: some people want nation­al cap­it­al to devel­op, pro­duc­tion in the United States, and the second, fin­an­cial spec­u­lat­ors, want to earn interest by tak­ing pro­duc­tion to oth­er coun­tries and hav­ing profits from it. But the former under­stand that in this way the ter­rit­ory of the United States will degrade and someday it will lead to an explo­sion. They say: it explodes! And oth­ers say: yes, it will, but only when we are rich, and we will not care any­more, ”says Panar­in.

Accord­ing to the expert, the United States may dis­in­teg­rate in the near future.

 Amer­ica ’s fate will be decided in Novem­ber. It will begin to fall apart or not, depend­ing on the out­come of elec­tions in the United States (in the House of Rep­res­ent­at­ives and the Sen­ate, sched­uled for Novem­ber 6, 2018. — Approx. FAN ). If we take the elec­tions of 2008, 2012, and 2016, then it is easy to see a clear dicho­tomy, ”says Igor Panar­in.

Accord­ing to the polit­ic­al sci­ent­ist, the pre­ser­va­tion of a uni­fied state will dir­ectly depend on the vic­tory of Repub­lic­ans loy­al to Don­ald Trump and their major­ity in the US Con­gress. In the event of vic­tory of the mem­bers of the Demo­crat­ic Party, which is rep­res­en­ted by includ­ing Hil­lary Clin­ton, Panar­in does not exclude armed con­flicts among the pop­u­la­tion. Accord­ing to the latest polls, secur­ity forces, most of whom sup­port Trump, can protest against the pos­sible vic­tory of the Demo­crats. And oth­er groups, includ­ing bikers, who are res­ol­ute and uncom­prom­ising in express­ing their opin­ions.

 Trump for Amer­ica is her chance at sal­va­tion. He is strug­gling with Lon­don bankers through the sup­pres­sion of the dol­lar and the poten­tial liquid­a­tion of the Fed­er­al Reserve Sys­tem, that is, in fact, it fol­lows in Kennedy’s foot­steps on the way to cre­at­ing a nation­al cur­rency. Kennedy cre­ated the “red” dol­lar, stamped it, but then was shot and elim­in­ated the dol­lar. Trump wisely does not announce this in advance — he is try­ing to man­euver, to tack. Today, my fore­cast is 65% of votes in favor of the Repub­lic­an Party in the elec­tions to the US Con­gress. If Trump loses, then there should be an impeach­ment, the resig­na­tion of the pres­id­ent and the vic­tory of anoth­er group of forces, ”said the polit­ic­al sci­ent­ist.

Игорь Панарин
Igor Panar­in photo from per­son­al archive /

 Eurasian Russia”

At the same time, the Rus­si­an Fed­er­a­tion, as opposed to the United States, has every chance to strengthen its pos­i­tion in the inter­na­tion­al arena and even merge with oth­er states. Igor Panar­in spoke about the trun­cated ver­sion of the Soviet Uni­on back in 2006.

Accord­ing to the sci­ent­ist, the Rus­si­an Fed­er­a­tion, Belarus, Kaza­kh­stan and Ukraine can join the united Euras­i­an state. Moreover, a polit­ic­al sci­ent­ist does not exclude Ukraine from the pos­sible com­pos­i­tion of Euras­i­an Rus even tak­ing into account the events of recent years.

 Today we can still build this joint state. The five already exist — this is the Euras­i­an Eco­nom­ic Uni­on, there is a move­ment with­in this dir­ec­tion. For us, of course, num­ber one is a uni­on state with Belarus. We have already cre­ated an eco­nom­ic frame­work, but in order to talk about closer integ­ra­tion, we need efforts in the Rus­si­an-Belarus­i­an dir­ec­tion. We can smooth over the situ­ation in Ukraine through the max­im­um rap­proche­ment with Belarus — by show­ing that we live bet­ter in the Slavic area, ”sug­ges­ted Igor Panar­in.

The head of Infos­pet­snaz con­siders the example of the Repub­lic of Crimea anoth­er means of return­ing Ukraine.

 Look at the Crimea — well, it is clear that there is not only a bridge, there are real changes for the bet­ter. And this is not a fake, this is a real pic­ture. When you arrive in Sim­fero­pol, you see: the road has already been built, there are 15 new rean­im­o­biles at the ambu­lance sta­tion. It should be shown to the Ukrain­i­ans, ”said the pro­fess­or.

Des­pite the aggress­ive anti-Rus­si­an pro­pa­ganda, in Ukraine there are a lot of sens­ible people cap­able of mak­ing adequate reas­on­ing, the polit­ic­al sci­ent­ist believes. Accord­ing to Panar­in, among his sub­scribers in social net­works, Kiev stead­ily holds the third place after Moscow and St. Peters­burg in terms of the num­ber of read­ers: res­id­ents of the Ukrain­i­an cap­it­al act­ively browse and put likes on news that doesn’t fit into Ukrain­i­an ideas of truth.

 The struggle for Ukraine, for the minds, for the mood of the people will con­tin­ue. Well, then, we are one people with them. For hun­dreds of years it was a single com­munity, we are very closely inter­twined. It is clear that part of the pop­u­la­tion is sat­ur­ated with pro­pa­ganda, but I am sure that this is the smal­ler part. We should not trans­fer this neg­at­ive to the entire pop­u­la­tion, ”the expert con­cluded.