The expert called the case Skripale operation hybrid war against Russia

The expert called the case Skripale operation hybrid war against Russia

“In my opin­ion, this (The Case of Scri­pals. — Approx. Ed.) Is not just an inform­a­tion cam­paign, but a stra­tegic oper­a­tion of a hybrid war against Rus­sia. Its spe­cificity is that for the first time, on the basis of a com­pletely dis­in­form­a­tion­al mes­sage, a series of real anti-Rus­si­an actions have been taken over half a year: the expul­sion of dip­lo­mats and so on, ”he said dur­ing the present­a­tion of the report of the expert asso­ci­ation“ Inform­a­tion Spe­cial Forces ”ded­ic­ated to hybrid wars.

Earli­er, the For­eign Min­istry said that the pos­i­tion of offi­cial Lon­don, approved at a high polit­ic­al level, “only con­firms the clear desire of the author­it­ies of this coun­try to hide the truth, to pre­vent an object­ive and trans­par­ent invest­ig­a­tion … and to estab­lish the true causes of the incid­ent in Salis­bury.”

On March 4, the former GRU officer Sergey Skri­p­al and his daugh­ter Yulia were poisoned in Salis­bury, which pro­voked a major inter­na­tion­al scan­dal. In Lon­don, they said that Rus­sia was involved in the incid­ent, Moscow cat­egor­ic­ally denies this.

Rus­sia has repeatedly offered to con­duct a joint invest­ig­a­tion of the incid­ent, but Lon­don ignored the ini­ti­at­ive and denied access to the Squeak­ers. Also, the For­eign Min­istry caught the Brit­ish Prime Min­is­ter Teresa May in a lie. So, she argued that the pois­on was made in Rus­sia. How­ever, in the labor­at­ory of Por­ton Down, this is denied.

Later, Lon­don presen­ted pho­to­graphs of two “sus­pects in Skripale’s pois­on­ing,” claim­ing that they were two GRU officers, Alex­an­der Pet­rov and Ruslan Boshirov. Moscow declared that these names of Rus­sia “do not say any­thing” and again called on Bri­tain to move from accus­a­tions and manip­u­la­tions to cooper­a­tion.