Presentation of the First Public Report of the Association “InfoSpetsNaz”

Dear journ­al­ists!

On Octo­ber 3, 2018, at 6 pm in Gostiny Dvor (109012, Moscow, Ilinka Street, 4), the present­a­tion of the First Pub­lic Report of the Inform­a­tion Spet­snaz Asso­ci­ation, entitled Hybrid War: His­tory and Mod­ern­ity, will begin. It should be noted that this is the first in our coun­try Pub­lic Report on this issue.
The present­a­tion will high­light many of the most import­ant issues con­cern­ing hybrid wars and inform­a­tion secur­ity of states. Factors determ­in­ing the choice of the coun­try as an object of “hybrid” aggres­sion, iden­ti­fied the most import­ant sources of “hybrid” threats, dis­closed threats of joint inform­a­tion and tech­nic­al and inform­a­tion-psy­cho­lo­gic­al effects in “hybrid wars”, iden­ti­fied the role of vir­tu­al social Inter­net resources in real “hybrid wars ”
Also, the present­a­tion will present the first doc­u­ment developed by the Asso­ci­ation — the UN Charter pro­ject, which was first presen­ted to par­ti­cipants from 32 coun­tries at the 13th Belarus­i­an Media For­um on Septem­ber 12, 2018.

Any­one who is inter­ested in learn­ing about mod­els of coun­ter­ac­tion to the hybrid war, please register before 14:00 on Octo­ber 3, 2018.

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