The political scientist called Medusa “an instrument of NATO

As the “Open Media” reports in his present­a­tion, Panar­in presen­ted a slide in which the pub­lic­a­tion “Medusa” was called the NATO tool.

Later, Panar­in con­firmed to “Open Media” that he really thinks about “Medusa”, and this is not just an instru­ment, but “shock,” a suc­cess­ful spe­cial pro­ject.

They have very high rat­ings of cita­tions in social net­works, and I just con­nect this with the very pro­fes­sion­al work of NATO pro­pa­gand­ists, espe­cially the Brit­ish,” the polit­ic­al sci­ent­ist said.

He also added that “Medusa” is a branch of the Air Force — “spe­cial unit for con­duct­ing inform­a­tion hybrid war.”